Best Summer Date Ideas With Your Mail Order Bride

Donna Hawkins
4 min readDec 16, 2023

Are you set out to go on a date with your mail order bride after months of online dating? Is it summer at your place? Then we have 8 amazing ideas for a summer date with Asian brides and other gorgeous ladies hailing from different regions who use modern dating resources.

1. Frolic at a water park

If both you and your mail order bride live far from the sea, we suggest the two of you go to a water park to have the fun you have never had in your entire life (even in childhood)! If your darling can’t swim, it’s not a problem at all. Many modern water parks have thermal baths and jacuzzi zones where you can relax and enjoy each other.

2. Roam around a botanical garden

Is your mail order bride fond of flowers? Take her to a botanical garden for a summer walk. For sure, there will be a flower show, so don’t forget not only to take good pictures of your girlfriend but also to get her some flowers from the garden.

3. Listen to your favorite songs at a music festival

Summer is the main season for all music festivals, no matter if both you and your foreign bride like rock, jazz, or pop — you can find what you like in summer. A summer music festival is a perfect place for smooching, hugging, and exploring each other’s life habits in a music camp (of course, if the music festival lasts for several days).

4. Watch a movie under the stars

During summer open-air cinemas are also common. You can go to a short film festival and enjoy the screening all night long, right under the stars. Why not, actually? This is the most romantic thing on earth!

5. Take a segway tour

Glide through scenic routes, explore hidden gems of the city or coast along beautiful parks. It’s not just about the sights; it’s about the joy of experiencing something new and exciting together. The ease of riding a Segway makes it accessible for all, ensuring you both can focus on enjoying the moment and each other’s company. This date idea combines fun, exploration, and the opportunity to create lasting memories under the summer sun.

6. Eat delicacies at a street festival

Did your sweetheart write in her mail order bride profile that she is a gourmet? Bingo! Invite her to a Chinese, Italian, or Mexican street food festival. Or you know what? Go to all of them! It’s a sensory adventure, where you can wander hand-in-hand, feed each other, have relaxed conversations, and share laughter.

7. Go for a couple Thai massage

If you have dated your mail order bride for quite a while, you can try going for a Thai massage in summer. Why in summer? This date is a perfect escape from the summer heat, allowing you both to emerge refreshed and more in tune with each other. Plus you may get a summer discount and you’ll feel comfortable going outside after the massage.

8. Go on a day trip to a neighboring country

Week-long trips are pretty pricey, especially for two people, so why don’t you instead visit the nearest city or capital of the neighboring country? It’ll be cheap and exciting. Most importantly, you’ll know what kind of a person your mail order bride is because the trip is the best test for that. Don’t marry anyone unless you do three things: live together, solve each other’s problems, and travel!

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As we wrap up our journey through these summer date ideas, remember that the best moments are about the connection you build, not just the places you visit. Each experience brings its own magic. These dates aren’t just about fun; they’re opportunities to grow closer, learn about each other, and create unforgettable memories. So, embrace the adventure, cherish each laugh, and enjoy every moment with your partner.



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