Finding Love After 50 — Is It Possible Or Is It A Wishful Thinking?

Donna Hawkins
5 min readApr 5, 2021

Can Finding Love After 50 Be As Exciting And Successful As When You Were Young?

Finding love is always an uneasy task for people of all ages. Nonetheless, it surely is possible for everyone! Falling in love is the best feeling and even after 50, people are still eager to reminisce these sweet emotions, hugs, kisses, and sincere laughter with the loved ones. Now, is there any special path you should go through to find your soulmate? And what is it like to fall in love after 50? Look for the answers below!

How to begin your love search?

When you’re over 50, you don’t exactly know where to start, and it can be stressful. You should always remember that the world is still the same and people haven’t yet found new ways of dealing with new encounters and romantic relationships. There might be less courting, but the basics are constant! Nonetheless, what you have to accept is the next things:

No expectations

Expecting something from fellow singles won’t do you any good. You’ll only notice your failures more often. People have different backgrounds and attitudes, so being unbiased with all actions and situations will bring you excitement and new possibilities! If everyone would expect others to act in a certain way, would there be happy couples around?

Openness to new things

Your chances of finding love after 50 will skyrocket if you’ll be willing to discover this world once again! Trying something new by yourself is as good as doing it with your potential partner and can make your life brighter. Be open to go with the flow and see where it takes you. What if you learn to love those unfamiliar ideas and concepts?

Relearn flirting

When was the last time you flirted? Was it yesterday or 20 years ago? Feeling out of practice is a common concern. Being shy and uncomfortable at first is a norm. Constant practice, no matter how unsuccessful, makes you better at anything. Smiling, touching, asking provocative questions, and keeping eye contact will always help!

Where to go when looking for love after 50?

The answer is simple — new places. It sounds generic but it covers the idea of finding new people somewhere you haven’t been before! Can you think of anything you wanted to do? Any places you wanted to visit? Here are some suggestions.

Community gatherings

Whether it’s a Sunday prayer, a work hiking trip, or a city day celebration, you need to go out, socialize, and have fun! During such events, people are the most open to new meetings and mingling. You can talk about your hobbies, life, and your future plans. You never know who might want to support you and do those things together!

Dancing classes

Learning how to dance the tango or even the classic waltz won’t just let you find new partners, but will also keep you in a good physical condition! Lots of lonely people go to these classes hoping there’ll be like-minded folks to keep them company. Besides, having physical contact with someone from the very beginning increases your chances for more intimate and private relationship development.

Friends’ party

Your friends can also set you up with someone they know. You might be unaware of what connections they have and what those people are going through. Moreover, what can be better than a setup organized by one of your close mates? They know both of you and can see how well it may turn out!

What to do so you can find love after 50?

When you’re 50 and older, you don’t have time for lies and fake people. You’ve had enough of those dramatic concepts and want stability and calmness. So, what you have to think about to prepare yourself for new romantic adventures?

Be happy with yourself

Getting confident and comfortable in your own skin and mind is the best thing to do before meeting other people. First of all, you have yourself. Without inner peace and your own acceptance, it’ll be difficult to find someone who can do it for you. Getting on good terms with yourself is the first step towards a happy and harmonious relationship.

Analyze your past mistakes

What did you do wrong in your previous relationships? Is there anything that could be improved? Working on this matter you’ll be making sure your new romantic connection will have a happy ending. Constant growth is what makes your life better and easier, without self-realization you’ll only be repeating those well-known faults.

Discover new things

Get out of your comfort zone! When you’ve spent so much time building your life the way you wanted and found all the essential things to keep your comfort, it seems unreal to start doing something new. However, did you ever notice any considerable progress when you followed the convenient path? Learning new things about yourself is never late, so start today!

Go out more

Whether it’s traveling to different countries or simply going to the nearest pub. When you’re out of your house, you’re bound to meet someone or even see new faces. You think falling in love at the first sight is nonsense? What if it isn’t? Or what if someone falls in love with you! Without going out you keep your chances at zero.

Do something you’ve always wanted

You wanted to learn how to ride a bike? Or maybe you love art but never really had an opportunity to develop this side of you? It’s the time! Paying more attention to yourself you’ll be showing confidence and self-respect. The opposite sex will definitely be attracted to that vibe!

Where to find love after 50?

The best place you can refer to is an online dating site that offers international relationships and connections. The love of your life can be from a different country and even from a different culture. Finding love from abroad can be more peaceful and successful. The reasons to consider it that people in such relationships might have:

  • Similar life outlook
  • Alike desires
  • Better matching
  • Willingness to compromise
  • More to offer

When looking for your soulmate abroad, you don’t just open a source with thousands of new acquaintances but also discover new, hidden aspects about your own character and life.

Whatever concept you decide to take on your journey to finding love after 50, be sure to always listen to yourself and choose your desires above anything else. Falling in love should feel easy and natural. Intercultural relationships usually last longer because of the mutual willingness to complete understanding and peacekeeping. Don’t wait for a perfect moment, make it yourself!



Donna Hawkins

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