First Date Tips For That Special First Meet With Your Foreign Bride

Donna Hawkins
2 min readJun 24, 2020

5 Things To Make Your First Meet With Foreign Bride Perfect

You need to make that perfect first impression.These 5 tips are some of the best first date advice for men to make your first date memorable and leave her wanting even more.

Remember the first date questions!

Dating offline can be difficult, but you still need to break the ice! Asking the right questions — prompts more conversation, and good conversation is significant in any date. Simple questions proposed by brightbrides will ease the tension of the fist meet:

  • “Is this as amazing as you imagined, or better?”
  • “How long have you been hoping this would happen?”
  • If you’re in her country ask: “What would be something fun for us to do together here?”

Prepare some conversation topics before you meet

Keeping a short list of first date conversation topics in mind will help you keep the exchange flowing. When you begin a conversation based on one of your subjects, remember to ask plenty of questions! The two of you will start talking about things you didn’t prepare , but that’s okay! As long as the chat stays fluid and dynamic, both of you will have fun.

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Remember what she likes

Offline dating isn’t easy because you have to dedicate a lot of effort into it. Always consider her likes and dislikes, and do your research! If she always talks about how much she’s into Italian food, don’t take her to a Japanese restaurant. Likewise, if she ever mentioned that she hates crowds or loud spaces, she wouldn’t be happy about you bringing her to an amusement park.

Think of more than one place to spend the night!

Your date shouldn’t just be dinner and a movie, that’s too vanilla. Consider all the different things you could do, and chain them together! For example, you could start with a short stroll through a park, which will lead to a cafe. Tea and sandwiches are fun, and you could have a good conversation in the midst of it. If there’s an aquarium closeby, invite her there, and end the night with drinks and bowling! Of course, that’s just one way to do it. You could come up with your own winning combination!

Carry more money than you need

You might find a gift that you’d want to buy for your bride, or take her to more than one spot. When things like this happen, it might cost money, and it would do you good to keep some extra spending cash on you!



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